Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crazy Love

No, I am not talking about an Crazy/Sexy/Cool, lol, I am talking about that out of your mind, heart crushing love/lust/lunacy, that causes one to forget all ideas of right and wrong and just let go to the hormones of the unreasonable burning love, that makes women rush to theatres to see films like "The Notebook","Dear John", anything "Twilight" or it seems "anything" Robert Pattinson. Now do you know what I am talking about? What is it about burning love that makes your heart turn a quick step when you least except it and makes your stomach flutter at the sight of him. Damn, the movie industry for bringing out these movies, like "Remember Me", triggered to make you remember that crazy kind of love that makes you do everything you never meant to do and nothing that you were supposed to do. Wars were fought over this kind of love and famous plays were written. Am I the only one who every time she watches "Romeo and Juliet", hopes that Romeo doesn't drink the poison and instead runs away with Juliet to live happily ever after? Or go old school and watch the VHS of "Titanic", but only the first tape, where everything was happy and the ship never ever hit that iceberg? When I was little my mother was a stay at home mom, but you would never catch her watching soap operas all day, in fact, I was not allowed to watch soaps, my mother said they, "Fostered a false sense of reality and would give me a warped idea of love", maybe she should have watched the chick flicks instead. Any mother who played "Love Story" on the a record player under her daughter's crib each night should have know they were creating an ideal candidate for that crazy kind of love. Not to mention every Merchant & Ivory movie and multiple screening of "Gone With The Wind", I was doomed. So, am I destined to forever only see as crazy love as the real kind of love, or do you think , I may one day realize, the real love the best love, does not have to be the love I always thought, but something better, more dependable, steady and constant, who knows.

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  1. Well, I am glad to be your first follower and commenter. I envy the type of love in movies like, The Notebook and Dear John. I think it is the, "I'll die without it you" or "you are my everything" that gets me. I truly believe that...that type of love exists out their. There is a soul mate for everyone. I haven't found it yet. There has been some near-misses. But it is out there.