Friday, February 26, 2010


Wait just a second, I thought being a grown up was supposed to be exciting??? So, what happened to your life??? Do you find yourself after 30 still single, still in the same apartment you got right after college??? Do you wonder where all the time has already gone??? Is the "Friend's" theme song creeping in your mind more often than before and that is not necessarily a good thing??? Is the guy at the drive thru beginning to call you ma'am more than miss and is that a gray you spotted in your hair??? Worse, has your most meaningful relationship, friend or lover been with your dog??? Congratulations, you are a 32 year old single woman, isn't adulthood wonderful! Really, it is not that bad, there were some good times in your twenties randomly within the goofheads and gageheads you dated and you have gotten really good at fixing your own garbage disposal setting your own mousetraps, but wasn't there something more you were supposed to be doing while you waited for life to pass you by, where did your dreams go and is it too late to get them back? Who knows, I guess one day you will need to just get off your ass and try, try to change, try to be different, try to start living your life instead of watching it pass you by.

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